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Questions & Answers

Avoid indoor tanning with sunless tanning products
Cardiac rehab after heart attack
Genetic testing for Alzheimer's
What can cause high carbon dioxide levels in the blood?
ACE Inhibitors
ACL repair options?
ADHD and Depression
Abnormal Cervical Cell Removal During Pregnancy
Activity, Calories, And Weight Loss
Acupuncture for Menopause Symptoms
Acupuncture to Treat Muscle Pain
Age To See A Gynecologist
Alcohol before bed
Allergic Reaction To Cereal
Allergy Medication During Pregnancy
Allergy Medicine for People with High Blood Pressure
Alli and Breastfeeding
Alternatives to Body Mass Index (BMI)
Am I in perimenopause?
Amount of protein body digest at a time
Ankle Swelling in Summer
Annual Physical Exams for Middle-Aged Women
Antibiotics and Yeast Infection Risk
Antidepressants and Weight Gain
Are ACE inhibitors safe?
Are artificial sweeteners a good sugar alternative?
Are blueberries expecially healthy?
Are testosterone and cholesterol levels related?
Are whole grains that important?
Arthritis And Exercise
Arthritis Associated with Lyme Disease
Arthritis and Allergies
Arthritis in Lower Spine Versus Spinal Stenosis
Asthma and Allergies in Children
Asthma and Rib Pain
Asthma, Allergies, and Pneumonia Risk
At home balance exercises
Athlete's Anemia
Athlete's Foot
B Vitamins and Arthritis
Back pain predict rain?
Bad morning breath
Baker's Cyst
Bike riding good exercise?
Birth Control Options for Older Smoker
Birth Control Pill Effectiveness Over Time
Birth Control Pill and Cancer Risk
Black Stools
Bladder Pressure
Bladder cancer treatment
Bland Diet Foods
Bleeding after menopause?
Blistering From Steam Burn
Blood Pressure and Blurred Vision
Bluish fingers and purple nail beds
Blurred Vision with Meclizine
Body Fat Measurement and Health
Bone density scan detect compression fracture
Both blood pressure numbers are important
Breast Calcifications
Breast Pain
Bunion Causes and Treatment
Burning Cataracts
COPD exacerbation
Calcification in the Aorta
Calcified Uterine Fibroid
Calcium Deposits
Calcium Deposits In Thyroid Gland
Calcium Intake and Kidney Stones
Calcium Supplement Options
Can Blood Pressure Medicine Harm My Heart?
Can Diabetes Be Cured?
Can Mumps Return?
Can a fall cause long-lasting back pain?
Can doctors do an angioplasty for brain arteries?
Can old surgery scars causing pain?
Can stress cause weight gain?
Cancer Transfer Through the Womb
Carbohydrate brain fog
Carbon monoxide levels
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Cause of erythema nodosum
Cause of low BP
Cause of low sodium level
Cause of recurrent shin pain
Causes of Elbow Swelling
Causes of Excessive Thirst and Frequent Urination
Causes of Eyebrow Hair Loss
Causes of Hair Loss in Women
Causes of Hip Pain
Causes of Irregular Periods and Fatigue
Causes of Knee Pain, Popping Sensation
Causes of Liver Cancer
Causes of Pancreatitis
Causes of Rapid Heartbeat
Causes of Slow Heart Rate
Causes of Sudden Joint Pain with Fever
Causes of Swollen Tongue
Causes of extreme salty taste in mouth?
Causes of throat cancer
Caution About Added Sugar
Celiac Patients and Yeast Tolerance
Cessation of Breast Milk Production
Change white fat into brown fat
Chantix cause mood decline?
Chemotherapy and Brain Function
Chest infection after three weeks?
Chicken Pox Vs. Poison Ivy
Chickenpox and Shingles Vaccine
Child Hair Loss
Children's Eating Disorders
Choosing A Birth Control Method
Choosing the right osteoporosis drug
Chronic Anemia and Conception
Cinnamon and Blood Sugar
CoQ10 and Cholesterol
Coating on Tongue from Chemotherapy
Coffee Early in Pregnancy
Coffee not linked to heart failure
Cold sores danger to son's health?
Collapsed Colon
Colon Cancer Screening
Colon cancer risk in your 30s and 40s
Colonic Irrigation
Combination Birth Control
Common Variable Immune Deficiency
Conception After C-Section
Congenital Hypothyroidism and Developing Fetus
Connection between blood clots and arthritis
Connection between sleep apnea and type 2 diabetes
Constant Burping
Contraception during menopause
Contract PID by a toilet?
Controlling Blood Sugar Through Lifestyle Changes
Corneal Ulcers
Corticosteroid Shots in Diabetics
Cough After Chest Cold
Cough Medicine During Pregnancy
Could herpes be something else?
Counting Carbs and Calories for Type 2 Diabetes
Creatine Supplements to Build Muscle
Crohn's Disease and Back Pain
Cutting back on smoking
Cystic fibrosis genetics
DEET for Tick prevention?
Daily Calorie Count
Daily Eye Drop Use
Daily Metamucil Intake
Dangers of Consuming Raw Milk
Dealing with Appetite Loss
Dealing with Lingering Pain
Death of a Twin In Utero
Deciding when to get a knee replacement
Deciding which cancer screenings to continue
Deep Bruise Treatment
Diabetes Medications and Loss of Erections
Diabetes and Birth Control Pills
Diabetes and Gastroparesis
Diabetes and Joint Pain
Diabetes and Nerve Pain
Diabetes and hair loss connection?
Diabetes risk from statins
Diabetic Eye Exam Frequency
Diabetic Neuropathy
Diabetic low blood sugar symptoms
Diastoilc Blood Pressure
Diet After Gallbladder Removal
Diet Changes to Prevent Gout Attacks
Diet Pill Safety and Effectiveness
Diet after diverticulitis
Diet and Gallstones
Diet and LDL Cholesterol
Diet and Rheumatoid Arthritis
Diet effect restless legs syndrome?
Dietitian or nutritionist to eat better?
Difference between bipolar disorder and cyclothymia
Different Size Testicles
Discontinuing Use of Oral Contraceptives
Distance Running And Arthritis
Dizzy bending over
Do I have a slow metabolism?
Do I have an overactive bladder?
Do I need an imaging test for my back pain?
Do I need medication to lower my blood pressure?
Do I need medicine to lower my uric acid?
Do I need testosterone?
Do fish oil supplements prevent heart disease?
Does Diet Influence Arthritis?
Drinking and high blood pressure medications
Droopy Eyelid
Dry Eyes In The Morning
Dry Skin On Hands
Duration of Common Cold
Ear Wax Blockage and Swimmer's Ear
Ear and Partial Facial Numbness
Early signs of pregnancy
Easy And Healthy Breakfast Options
Eating Disorders In Older Women
Effects Of Radiation Therapy
Effects of Cigar Smoking in Glaucoma Patients
Egg Production in Women
Elbow Tendonitis Vs. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Electric Shock and Heart Damage
Empty sella on brain MRI
Ending Birth Control Usage
Enlarged Heart
Enlarged prostate cause dribble after unrination
Epidural Injections for Back Pain
Excess Body and Facial Hair in Women
Excessive Body Odor
Excessive Foot Sweating
Exercise After Knee Surgery
Exercise That's Gentle On Joints
Exercise a treatment for depression?
Exercise and Depression
Exercise and Hemorrhoids
Exercise and Memory
Exercise improve aging brain
Exercises to Help Prevent Falls
Exercising During Pregnancy
Exercising With Fibromyalgia
Exercising and Chest Pain when Exercising
Exposed to MRSA
Extra-virgin olive oil or regular olive oil for heart health
Eyelid Twitch
Facial Skin Irritation
Fallopian Tube Scarring
Fats in Daily Diet
Fatty Liver and Lipitor
Fatty liver cause by statins?
Fatty liver leads to cirrhosis
Faulty Mechanical Heart Valve
Feet Burning at Night
Fever Medicine for Children
Fiber in Food and Supplements
Fibroadenoma of the Breast
Fibroid Tumors and IUD
Fibroids and Uterine Cancer
Fibromyalgia and Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Flu Shot During Pregnancy
Flu Shot and Breastfeeding
Fluid In The Abdomen
Flying While Pregnant
Folic Acid During Pregnancy
Food Containing B12
Foods to avoid macular degeneration
Foods with Vitamin K
Frequent Eye Blinking
GERD Side Effects
Gardasil and Pregnancy
Genetic tests available for schizophrenia?
Get rid of surgery scar tissue
Getting Pregnant Again After Miscarriage
Getting a Tattoo During Pregnancy
Glaucoma Prevention
Glaucoma Surgery
Gout And Diet
Granulomas Turning to Cancer
Grinding Noise in Neck When Turning Head
Growing lump under chin
HPV testing?
Hair Loss
Hair Loss
Hair Loss and Weight Loss
Hair Loss in Teens
Hair loss and regrowth after cancer therapy
Hand Pain in Cold Weather
Headache from spinal tap?
Health Benefits of Bike Riding
Healthy Breakfast Options
Healthy alternative to muffins?
Heart Attack Symptoms
Heatstroke Symptoms
High BP even on blood pressure medicine
High Blood Sugar and Joint Pain
High Blood Sugar and Muscle Pain
High Blood Sugar and Slow-Healing Wounds
High CPK in blood
High Cholesterol in Children
High Iron Level
High Level of Pancreas Enzymes
High Resting Heart Rate
High Testosterone
High bicarbonate level
High lymphocyte count
Home Pregnancy Tests
How Often Should I See The Doctor?
How can I avoid a stiff neck when using my iPad?
How can I get over my fear of flying?
How can I help my depressed mother?
How can I prevent dry winter skin?
How can I prevent spring allergies?
How come the flu shot was ineffective?
How come the price of generic drugs increased?
How do I know if I have OCD?
How do I raise my HDL?
How do I remove a tick?
How do I start exercising after sitting all day?
How do I unblock my ear canal?
How do men get UTIs?
How does a cold virus spread from person to person?
How does glaucoma cause vision loss?
How is MRSA spread?
How long do I need to take anxiety medication?
How long does it take for a drug to be out of your system?
How long for my diabetes medicine to start working?
How many eggs can you eat per week?
How much sleep do teenagers need?
How soon after an injury should you have a tetanus shot?
How to choose a good sunscreen
How to choose the right osteoporosis drug
How to cut back on smoking
How to determine ideal weight
How to help a teething baby
How to not be cut out of childs life?
How to promote hair growth?
How to start exercise later in life
How to test for lowT
How to treat a baby with gastroenteritis?
Hydronephrosis see urologist
Hyperpigmentation in Lips
Hypnotherapy effective for panic disorders?
Hysterectomy cause incontinence?
I have osteoarthritis, will exercising make it worse?
ICDs can restore a normal heart rhythm in heart failure paitents
Idiopathic Peripheral Neuropathy
Importance of Vitamin D
Increase activity but no weight loss
Increased Chance of Becoming Pregnant with Twins in Older Women
Increasing Bone Strength Without Medication
Infections Caused by Hot Tubs
Infertility Tests
Injury to Pancreas and Diabetes
Insulin Pump vs Daily Injections
Interstitial Fibrosis
Is My Asthma Gone?
Is My Medication Causing Hair Loss?
Is a fasting blood sugar of 50 concerning?
Is depression causing me to crave sweets?
Is it better to stretch before or after exercise?
Is it ok to call mentally declining parent's doctor?
Is poultrya good source of protein
Is the weight loss drug Contrave safe?
Is there a difference between Zoloft and generic brand?
Is there a treatment for gastroparesis?
It's unhealthy to skip breakfast
Itching Without A Rash
Itchy Skin After Showering
Itchy Tongue
Jaundice in Newborns
Joint pain from Xarelto?
Laser Treatment for Psoriasis
Leg Cramps
Legally Blind
Length of Contagious Period with Shingles
Light Therapy for Psoriasis
Long term effects of clonazepam
Long-Term Effectiveness of LASIK
Losing The Belly Fat
Losing sense of smell during aging
Low Blood Pressure Causing Dizziness
Low Body Temperature
Low LDL cholesterol levels
Low Levels of Amniotic Fluid During Pregnancy
Low Testosterone
Low Testosterone Levels
Low cholesterol but high triglycerides
Low diastolic pressure who has diabetic kidney disease
Low heart rate normal?
Low testosterone symptoms
Low-Potassium Foods
Low-Residue Diet
Low-Sodium Diet
Lowering Blood Sugar
Lowering Heart Disease Risk
Lung Nodules
Lung abnormalities from infection?
Lupus Chronic Liver Disease
MS Mood Changes
Macular Degeneration
Maintaining Muscle Mass with Age
Make a hospital stay as safe as possible
Mammography After Breast Augmentation
Managing low blood sugar in type 2 diabetes
Managing occasional heartburn
Mattress Recommendations for Chronic Low Back Pain
Medial epicondylitis pain
Medication for Diabetic Neuropathy
Medications For High Blood Pressure With Diabetes
Meditation for arthritis
Mediterranean Diet and Brain Health
Menopause And Concentration
Menopause and Cholesterol Levels
Menopause and High Blood Pressure
Menopause delayed for woman who never had children?
Migraine-Depression Link
Migrane sufferers avoid these foods
Missed Period After HSG
Morning High Blood Sugar in Type 2 Diabetes
Muscle Strain Versus Tendonitis
Natural memory loss or something more serious
Need inguinal hernia repaired?
Negative Side Effects of Consuming High Fructose Corn Syrup
Night terrors every night
No antibiotics for bronchitis
Non-Surgical Treatment for Torn Rotator Cuff
Non-Surgical Treatments for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Normal platelet blood level
Not safe to smoke a few cigarettes a day
Numb Feet And Legs
Nutritional Value of Egg Substitutes
Nutritional Value of Eggs
Nuvaring and Delaying Period
Obesity, Depression, and Fibromyalgia
Omega-3 Differences
Options for COPD and chronic bronchitis
Over-the-Counter Treatment for Psoriasis
Pain During or After Intercourse
Pain and Numbness in Arm After Strength Training
Pain relief for sciatica
Painful Thumb Joint
Pap Smear Recommendations After Hysterectomy
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and Sexual Intercourse
Perimenopause and Hot Flashes
Periods After Ectopic Pregnancy
Persistent Pain and Physical Therapy
Persistent cough
Pertussis is on the rise
Plant-Based Diet
Plant-Based Diet to Reverse Plaque Build-Up in Arteries
Poision Ivy
Poison Ivy
Poison ivy outbreak
Post Menopausal Bleeding
Post-angioplasty daily drug regimen
Potassium Supplements with diuretic use
Potassium and kidney disease
Pre-Diabetes And Its Implications
Pre-Diabetes and Reducing Diabetes Risk
Pre-term birth risk steroid shot
Pregnancy After Gastric Bypass Surgery
Pregnancy Risks with Type 1 Diabetes
Pregnancy and Nictoine Cravings
Pregnancy-related Stretch Marks
Pregnant During Period?
Premature Ventricular Contraction
Premature gray hair
Prevent dislocated shoulder
Preventing and Treating Dry, Cracked Skin on Hands
Procedure For Tachycardia
Prostate Cancer and Genetics
Protein Supplements
Psoriasis And Back Pain
Pull yourself out of depression
Pulmicort and Blood Sugar
Pulmonary Calcifications
Pulmonary Fibrosis
Rash From Heat Exposure
Raw Food Diet Pros and Cons
Raynaud's Disease Symptoms
Razor Bumps
Recommended Amounts of Calcium And Vitamin D
Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
Recurrent Styes
Recurring Rash at Beach
Red Patches On Face
Relationship Between Diabetes and Seizures
Relationship between high BP and high cholesterol
Remedys for hotflashes
Repetitive Physical Activity and Arthritis
Resveratrol supplements help you live longer?
Retin A and Sensitive Skin
Rheumatic Heart Disease
Rheumatoid Arthritis and Flu Vaccine
Ringing In The Ears
Risk Benign Thyroid Tumor Becomes Cancerous
Risk Factors for Cataracts
Risk of Pregnancy with IUD Use
Risks for pre-term birth
Risks with Breast Reduction Surgery
Running While Breastfeeding
Safe NSAIDs for bleeding ulcer patients
Safe blood sugar range
Safe living space for elderly
Safe to take NSAIDs with Aspirin?
Safety of Colon Cleansing
Safety of Energy Drinks
Safety of Weight Loss Drugs
Sagging Skin, Stretch Marks After Weight Loss
Saturated Fat Intake
Scalp Blisters
Scaly Feet
Sciatica and Running
Scoliosis And Arthritis
Seasonal Changes and Eczema
Second-Degree Burn Treatment
Secondhand smoke and cancer risk
Seizure Black Out
Severe quad muscle strain
Sexual Activity After UTI or Yeast Infection
Shingles Without Rash
Shorter Menstrual Periods
Should I Take Vitamins?
Should I be concerned about a growing brown spot on my chest?
Should I be taking anything for my DVT?
Should I get my hearing tested?
Should I start strength training at 72?
Should I worry about a bundle branch block?
Side Effects of Taking Too Much Insulin
Side effects from tetanus shot?
Simvastatin and Cancer Risk
Skin Tag Removal
Skin Tags
Skin Thickens And Peels
Sleep Apnea Sexual Dysfunction
Sleep, Learning, and Memory
Sliding Hernia
Slightly swollen lymph nodes
Slow Heart Rate
Sodium Intake and Heart Health
Soften thick toenails
Spider Bites
Stent in Heart and Scuba Diving
Stents And X-Ray Safety
Stimulant Medication and Tics
Stomach Flu
Stomach Noises
Stopping postnasal drip
Strength training preserves bone health
Stress Fractures and Calcium Supplements
Stress Test Recommendations
Stress and Weight Gain
Stress and the menstrual cycle
Stretch Marks
Sudden Allergies
Sun sensitivity rash
Sunblock Application and Protection
Sunburn Causes and Treatment
Sunscreen Expiration and Effectiveness
Surgery Alternatives for Herniated Disk Into Spinal Cord
Swimmer's Ear
Swollen Hand
Swollen Tongue
Swollen face after sun exposure
Symptoms of Encephalitis
Symptoms of Gallstones
Symptoms of Tapeworm Infection
Symptoms of high triglyceride level
Symptoms you may have if you are exposed to mold in your home
Systemic and Non-Systemic Lupus
Taking two SSRIs
Target Blood Suger Levels For Prediabetes
Tattoo Health Risks
Teenage Breast Reduction
Temperature-Related Hives
Testicular Cancer
Testicular Cysts
Testing For Arthritis
Testing Workflow MSF 20150724a
Testosterone Treatment for Depression in Men
Thick Uterine Lining
Thicker, Faster-Growing Hair
Thrush And Persistent Cough
Tick Bite
Tight Thigh Muscles
Tingling in thigh?
Tips for eating healthier
Tips to help with forgetfulness
Too Many Green Veggies?
Transmitting Genital Herpes in Childbirth
Trapped Nerve
Treating Allergic Reactions in the Eye
Treating Brown Recluse Spider Bites
Treating Burns
Treating Chemical Burns
Treating Eczema
Treating Laryngitis
Treating Muscle Pain in Children
Treating Spider Bites
Treating Warts
Treatment Options for Yeast Infections
Treatment for Hair Loss in Middle-Aged Woman
Treatment for Hair Pulling
Treatment for Nausea, Diarrhea, Dizziness While Breastfeeding
Treatments For Knee Problems
Treatments For Morphea
Treatments for Excessive Sweating
Treatments for Sexual Dysfunction After Menopause
Treatments for vitiligo
Treatng black widow spider bite
Trichomoniasis Symptoms and Treatment
Trouble Staying Asleep
Tubal Banding Reversal
Twitch Under The Eye
Type 2 Diabetes and Carbohydrate Intake
Type 2 Diabetes and Carbohydrate Intake
Types of Pacemakers
Update on probiotics for IBS
Upper Abdominal Pain
Urine Test for Pregnancy
Urine tests positive for blood
Using An Intrauterine Device
Uterine Fibroids
Vaccines for 65 year olds
Vaginal Itching
Vaginal Odor
Vaginal Pessary and Sex
Varicose Veins in Pregnancy
Vegetables And Vitamins
Vegetarian Diet And Child Development
Venous Insufficiency
Viagra Use After Heart Attack
Vision Disorders and Rheumatoid Arthritis
Vitamin B12 Deficiency
Vitamin D For Children
Vitamin D Supplement for Children
Vitamins, Supplements, And Prostate Cancer Risk
Wandering Spleen
Warning signs of suicide
Wasp stings
Weight And Birth Control
Weight Gain Related to Depression, Medication
Weight for 20 year old?
What Tests Should An Older Woman Have?
What are natural ways to heal severe acid reflux?
What can I do to build up my blood?
What can I take for pain after an angioplasty?
What can I use to quit smoking?
What causes a sensitive tongue?
What causes nocturia?
What diet should I use to lose weight?
What does white spots on your brain mean?
What happens during a colonoscopy?
What is Cushing's syndrome?
What is a normal lymphocytes count?
What is an orthostatic tremor?
What is bilirubin?
What is mild cognitive impairment?
What is neurodermatitis?
What is self-mutilation?
What is the cause of pounding in the ears?
What kinds of tests should lupus patients have done on a regular basis?
What to look for in moisturizers
When can I have sex after a heart attack?
When do you need a bone density test?
When should someone start cholesterol drug therapy?
When to See an Endocrinologist for Acne
Which is healthier: eating little bits throughout the day or eating three meals a day?
White Hair in Adolescent
White Patches on Face
Why Do I Bruise So Easily?
Why check cortisol levels in the blood?
Why do people with diabetes urinate so frequently?
Why the whites of your eyes may turn yellow
Will high intensity exercise help me lose weight?
Women more likely to get COPD
Xanax withdrawl worse than others?
Yeast Infections After Sexual Intercourse
Yo-Yo Dieting
Yogurt As Yeast Infection Treatment