Health Tip of the Day

Health Tip of the DayPractical, daily tips covering health and wellness topics written by Harvard Medical School physicians. Health Tip of the Day can enhance a website, electronic newsletter or a print calendar as a way to achieve daily reinforcement of a brand or message.

Examples of Daily Health Tips

  • Gardeners need to be on the lookout for the tiny ticks that transmit Lyme disease. A study done in Chester County, Pa., found that people who garden more than four hours per week were at higher risk of acquiring the disease.
  • Caffeine withdrawal symptoms generally begin 12 to 24 hours after stopping use but can appear within 6 hours. So you might notice the symptoms in the morning after drinking coffee the previous day. Caffeine withdrawal symptoms typically last one or two days, but can last as long as two weeks.
  • Clothing is a more reliable way to protect your skin from the sun than sunscreen. Tighter weaves and darker colors offer more protection. A typical white T-shirt has an SPF of only five - and if it's wet, considerably less.
  • Mosquito bites itch because the saliva irritates the immune system into producing antibodies and releasing histamines, which cause itching. That's why allergy medicine with an antihistamine can bring some relief.
  • Chocolate-lovers with lactose intolerance will be happy to know that Finnish researchers published a study showing that the lactose in milk chocolate didn't bother people who said they were lactose intolerant.