Seniors' Health Package

Senior's HealthOver 200,000 words organized under 20 different topic areas with a focus on the health issues of most interest to our aging population. The selection of materials compiled by the editors of Harvard Health Publications includes topics such as: caregiving, advanced care directives, arthritis, diabetes, healthy aging, vision problems, home safety, hearing loss, heart disease, incontinence, memory, mental health, medication costs and safety and more.


Advanced Care Directives

Making the most of psychiatric advance directives


Alzheimer's caregiving: Day-to-day challenges
Caregiver Stress: Is There Help for the Helpers?
Caregiving and Low Energy
Coping with the stress of caregiving

Exercise and Nutrition

Selecting a Fitness Center


By the way, doctor: How often do I need a bone density test?

Heart Disease

Heart Valve Replacement
Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA)


Urinary Incontinence
Frequent Urination in Women


Blacking Out, Fainting, or Loss of Consciousness
By the way, doctor: Ginkgo biloba and dementia

Mental Health

Helping a Widow Cope with Grief


Ask The Doctor: Bone Density Medication
Bone Up On Osteoporosis
Heart Beat: Osteoporosis drugs not linked to atrial fibrillation
In the journals: Soy extracts don't improve bone density in older women
Switching Osteoporosis Medications



Ask The Doctor: Cataract Surgery and Macular Degeneration


Healthy Hands: Strategies for Strong, pain free hands
Easier way to help your hip?


Managing Diabetes Through Exercise
Sugar's Role in Diabetes
Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus


Exercises to Help Prevent Falls
Options for Hip Replacement Surgery


A better hearing aid?
By the way, doctor: What can be done for sudden hearing loss in one ear?
Hearing loss: A silent epidemic

High Blood Pressure

Getting the Best Value for Hypertension Medications
High Blood Pressure May Affect Thinking
Symptoms of High Blood Pressure

Medication Costs and Safety

Are All NSAIDs Dangerous?

Alzheimer's Disease



Thrombotic Stroke