Harvard Medical School physicians decode the latest health developments

Medullan to Offer Users Access to Harvard Health Publications for Consumer Health Insights

Medullan, a digital health firm that designs and builds powerful solutions that achieve high rates of adoption for payers, providers, life sciences, and pharma, announced a collaboration with Harvard Health Publications (HHP), a division of Harvard Medical School.

Life.io Announces Content Relationship with Harvard Health Publications

This relationship provides Life.io with the ability to further enhance the personalized journey of the policyholder through evidence-based health education, gamification, and social interaction.

I’m Feeling Yucky :( Searching for symptoms on Google

Mountain View, CA — Google announces the release of a new symptom search for their mobile app. Google worked with a team of doctors from Harvard Medical School and Mayo Clinic to carefully review individual symptom information and to evaluate related conditions for a representative sample of searches to help improve the lists they show. The new symptom search aims to help users navigate and explore health conditions related to symptoms, and quickly get to the point where they can do more in-depth research on the web or talk to a health professional.

Harvard Health Publications announces agreement for new patient education video series

Boston, MA — Harvard Health Publications, the consumer health education division of Harvard Medical School, today announced a licensing relationship that will deliver a new series of Q&A videos to clinicians and patients at the point of care. This relationship will put the medical knowledge and expertise of Harvard Medical School faculty into brief videos that clinicians using vidscrip can share with their patients on the vidscrip platform.

Harvard Medical School announces partnership with Clinton Foundation Health Matters Initiative around behavioral health education.

BOSTON, MA—Harvard Health Publications (HHP), the publishing division of Harvard Medical School, has created a partnership with the Clinton Health Matters Initiative to to develop consumer education content that builds the capacity of employers and employees to improve health and wellness within the workplace.

Harvard Health Publications Announces Collaboration with Quizzify

BOSTON, MA -- Harvard Health Publications, the consumer publishing division of Harvard Medical School, announced today that it will collaborate with Quizzify, a New York-based start-up that provides employers with educational health information for their employees.

New Exam Room Tablet from AccentHealth Provides Comprehensive Solution To Help Educate and Engage Patients at the Point of Care

NEW YORK, -- AccentHealth, the leader in patient education media at the point of care, announced today the launch of a new digital patient engagement platform, the AccentHealth Exam Room Tablet, as part of the industry's most comprehensive exam room program.

AccentHealth Announces New Exam Room Patient Education Offering Featuring Content from Harvard Medical School

NEW YORK – AccentHealth, the leading patient education media company at the point-of-care, announced today that it is extending its educational services into doctor office examination rooms. The company is launching an exclusive media offering with content from Harvard Medical School to educate patients on key health conditions and treatment options. Patients will be informed by content from Harvard Medical School physicians that is relevant to the purpose of their office visit, which they can access on a digital tablet, smartphone, or in print.

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